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To supply power for car jump starting and self-driving travelling.
With li-polymer battery cells in structure for long cycle life and good safety.
With aluminium alloy housing for firmness and fireproofing.
With unique design phylosophy.
Three advantages:
1、To start up cars in emergency.
2、To supply power to USB devices.
3、Small size and weight, convenient for ourdoor carrying.
Product Multifunctional Jump starter
Model no CZ221ALI-4S1P
Rated capacity 10Ah
Rated voltage 12V
Charge current 2A
Dimension 240×170×100 (MM)
Weight 3.5KG
Application Motorvehicle / Digital product and other USB
Function Jump start-up power / USB power supply
Approval CE, RoHS, UL
Functional diagram:
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