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To supply power to computer, boat, RV car, household entertainment instruments, motors, electric tools, industrial tools, emergency relief, etc. The UPS function supply the off-grid power for environmental protection and economical practice.
1、To supply high power to AC/DC devices.
2、With power and battery status LED indicator.
3、With li-polymer battery cells in structure for long cycle life and good safety.
4、With Handle design of easier carrying for outdoor activities.
5、With ABS housing for firmness and fireproofing (Optional).
6、With aluminium alloy housing for firmness and fireproofing (Optional).
Product Portable AC/DC High Power
Model no NEOP-400W NEOP-700W NEOP-1000W
Rated capacity 18Ah 36Ah 54Ah
Rated voltage 24V 24V 24V
Charge current 4A 4A 4A
Dimension 428×361×192(MM) 492×395×216(MM) 492×395 ×216(MM)
Weight 13 KG 19 KG 20 KG
Application Mongolian yurt, military use, camping
Function Storage power supply / UPS power supply
Approval CE, RoHS, UL
Neosonic Energy Technology Corp